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pronounced 'yay-whoa' : meaning 'thank you'

We can all do our part in improving the world, and people’s lives on an individual level. We believe that design should not sacrifice social responsibility, and that our jewelry should be a reflection of our values. 
Founded by duo Maddy and Kyle in 2018, YEWO is  a social enterprise + a jewelry design studio based in both Asheville, NC and Manchewe Village, Malawi. Every YEWO item is thoughtfully hand fabricated in our Malawi based workshop using both unique and traditional metal working techniques. By choosing to make products in the way we do, we directly create jobs in Malawi that encourage growth, financial stability, and a family-like workplace. In addition, a portion of YEWO sales are invested in local community development initiatives in Malawi.

 Our Values:

Our mission is to use design, skill-set training, + responsible manufacturing to generate income and uplift individuals living in rural poverty in northern Malawi.  Our goals are to create transparency through our supply chain, support the individuals we work with, and celebrate the products we create together. Our process starts with design in our studio in Asheville NC. These ideas then come to life in our workshop in Manchewe, Malawi.

Our Team:

We are a team of optimistic artists and craftspeople obsessed with design and the technical process (while not taking ourselves too seriously). The best five months out of the year are the ones we (Maddy + Kyle) spend at our workshop with our team in Manchewe Village, providing metalsmith training, researching techniques and materials, prototyping new designs, expanding community development initiatives, and eating a lot of nsmia (a staple dish made from maize). 
Almost all of our team had previously never held a job in the formal economic sector, had access to reliable income, or knew a single thing about making jewelry before starting work at YEWO. We saw an opportunity to share our skills, open up a new market, and provide reliable employment.

Meet the Team:

Click on each photo for meet every YEWO team member.

(not pictured: community center staff, teachers, and evening watchmen we support)


co-founder + designer


co-founder + maker


manager + maker


manager + maker




maker + quality control



Mama Joy:

onsite cook