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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order

For initial orders, the minimum amount is $200. After your opening order, any following re-order has a minimum amount of $100.

Ordering Process

Once your wholesale account is activated you will use your email and password to login to your account on Once logged in you can browse all of our available wholesale products and add them to your cart. When you reach the checkout page select "Invoice" as your payment option and we will send you an invoice for your order that reflects shipping charges as well.
Alternatively, you may email us directly at stating the items and quantity you wish to order and we will create an invoice for you.


The cost of shipping is the retailer's responsibility and the charges will be calculated upon checkout based on the weight of the shipment. Although it will most likely ship sooner, please allow up to 14 days for your order to ship. All items available to add to your cart online are currently in stock. If an item is marked ‘sold out’ and you wish to order it, email us at to request our current lead-time for that particular item. As each item is handmade, each product has a different lead time depending upon complexity to craft.

Changes to Orders

Any changes or cancellations to orders must be emailed to within 48 hours of placing an order.

Nature of handmade products

Due to the fact that each and every YEWO item is made by hand, there may be slight variations in shape, color, or size. This is what makes each piece unique and gives it its character.

Damages & Defects

We ask that you inspect your order immediately upon arrival for any damages or defects. Contact us at within 5 days of receipt of any damaged or defected goods to report the issue. Returned products will be replaced with new products. Returns will not be accepted if it is held for more than 14 days from receipt.

Returns & Exchanges

Wholesale goods cannot be returned or exchanged with the exception of any damaged or defected items as mentioned above.

Payment Terms

All orders will be shipped once payment has been received in full. Payment may be made through our online wholesale store by credit card or PayPal.


We do our best to review our retail client's locations prior to approving wholesale accounts to make sure they do not interfere with existing accounts. Any concerns or needs you may have regarding exclusivity in your area should be sent to us at prior to ordering. Exclusivity will lapse if you have not placed any orders within a six month period.

Minimum Retail Prices

All YEWO goods may not be sold for less than the current retail price listed on, with the exception being for short-term sale events.

Third Party Sites

YEWO goods may not be sold on any 3rd party sites (i.e. Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Facebook, etc.)


No YEWO goods may be private labeled. No goods may be altered without written permission from YEWO. All YEWO goods must retain their original hang tags. Any additional retailer tags must be in addition to the original packaging.

Coupons, Discounts, and Sales

Any coupons, discounts, or sales listed on the retail side of do not apply to wholesale accounts within YEWO.

*Violation of any of the above terms may result in the revocation of permission to sell YEWO products and the termination of the wholesale account.