M E E T  W A K I S A :

Name: Wakisa Justin Mthimbwa

Age: 24

Job title and description: Workshop Manager

How many people/members of your family do you support with your YEWO salary?

"I support my wife, younger brother, mother, and sister every month."

What is the best thing about working for YEWO? 

"I enjoy it so much, especially the hands on work. I don't want to do other work, I really want to do handwork, so I really enjoy it. I am really proud because I am supporting myself and my family with my hands. I also love my friends here at work. We are now like a family."

What are you most well know for at work:

"I have the responsibility of the workshop manager, so I have to plan the orders, and make sure everyone is keeping up with their work. I help train people and help with any problems that come up. I like different types of music and making jewelry for my wife."

Has the fact that you get a monthly salary changed your life in anyway?

"I see that I have changed. It is a really really good change and I feel proud, especially because now I also have a plan to educate my wife through my savings."

What are you currently saving up for?

"Oh I have big plans, but I'm doing it bit by bit, step by step. I'm saving for two plans. One plan is to build a good house of my own. My wife and me live at my mum's house at the moment, and I have helped her with a new roof but it is now time to build my own house. The second plan is to send my wife back to school. I have supported my sister through secondary school. I have seen that education is very important."

How has your job at YEWO changed you? 

"Before I was just moving here and there, doing things without having any plans and without knowing what to do with my future. Since starting work in 2018, I have invested in a new iron sheet roof, a big kitchen, new windows, and plastering for my mums house. This is a very big improvement."

How does you community now look at you?

"After I finished school I was just staying here, doing simple repairing of phones and the like, but I didn't proceed. Now I do different things, even the way I look is different now and that shows that there is really improvements. There are some young guys that are saying "if I can be like that guy I think I will be better", they see me and they think "that guy he is having hope"