Material Information + Product Care


INFO: We use recycled, regionally sourced brass to make all of our YEWO jewelry. Brass is an ancient metal alloy comprised of copper + zinca and is a sustainable metal option. Because brass is a natural alloy metal it will begin to tarnish with exposure to oxygen + moisture over time. 

CARE: We add an anti-tarnsih coating to all of our earrings + necklaces to preserve the look. However, you should always store your YEWO jewelry in the cotton bag provided away from heat and moisture. Do not store jewlery in your bathroom and avoid lotions/perfumes. 


INFO: Deforestation is a huge environmental threat to Malawi. We are happy to say that no live trees were hurt in marking our wood items! Instead, we utilize fallen teak branches + off-cuts to make all of our wood jewelry pieces and home goods. In addition, we have started a YEWO tree-nursery project in Manchewe village and have planted over 200 seedlings up-to-date!

CARE: Apply olive oil to rehydrate + moisturize your YEWO wood jewelry.