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Our Story

   "Creating Homegrown Opportunity Though Handcrafted Goods;

From Their Village to Yours."

Although rich in smiles, ingenuity, and generosity, Malawi East Africa remains one of the poorest countries in the world—much of the country earns less than one dollar a day.

YEWO (pronounced yay-woah) means ‘thank you’ in Chitumbuka, the local language of the northern region. It was the first word that YEWO founder Maddy McAllister learnt when moving to the little country of Malawi in 2013.

With a background in International Development and Design, and a lust for travel, Maddy co-founded and co-owned a successful permaculture eco-lodge social enterprise in the mountains of Northern Malawi called the Mushroom Farm


Over the past four years, Maddy has truly become part of the Manchewe community, and has witnessed how a social business can actually be the most powerful tool for sustainable community development in rural Africa.  Jobs, not handouts, create self-worth, individual savings, and ultimate empowerment for impoverished areas.

Now based part of the year in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Maddy founded YEWO in June 2017 to further elevate poverty levels in Manchewe area, Northern Malawi. By focusing on ONE community, the YEWO team is in the process of training and hiring vulnerable individuals living in rural Manchewe village to create handmade goods using traditional craftsmanship. In turn, we will create sustainable, fair-paid careers for unemployed, and donate 10% of proceeds to support free adult education for Manchewe community to ensure development throughout the area. 

As the consumer, you have a choice of where/who to buy from. By investing in YEWO, you will be directly connected to ONE story, supporting ONE person, from ONE village-- creating lasting change for many, from their village, to yours

Our first line, the MOZA (one) Jewelry Collection, will launch on June 1st, 2018! Be part of the YEWO story! Check out the YEWO journal for the latest news, and follow us @yewomalawi on social media jazz to stay in the loop. Thank you all for the support! YEWO!

Madelyn McAllister
YEWO Founder