M E E T  K Y L E :
Name: Kyle Snell

Age: 30

Job title and description: YEWO founder + operations, logistics, + maker

What is your role at YEWO? What does the process look lie?

"I am responsible for figuring out how to make the prototype of each design. Maddy gives me a drawing of a design and I am in charge of how to make this come to life, including how to source the materials needed and teach our team how to make each product. I also work with the YEWO managers to figure out monthly logistics-- creating orders, writing up monthly budgets with them, getting the necessary funds from America to Malawi, and figuring out how to ship the product from Malawi to America."

Do you have a background in metal-smithing?

"Not at all. My background is actually in sound engineering, a different world than jewelry making! I have been self taught up to this point in metal-smithing- a lot of trail and error."

What do you enjoy most about YEWO? 

"Working on-the-ground with the staff in Malawi is what makes this all worth while for me. We have a very strong group of people who are all extremely positive and eager to learn. There is also a ton of daily problem solving, which keeps things interesting around here. From figuring out how to make product more efficiently in a workshop with no electricity, to visiting our staff at their homes, no two days look the same at YEWO."

Where do you see YEWO in a few years?

"We are always trying to improve as a company. We want to step up our quality, metal smithing techniques, and think of ways to source raw materials locally. I am starting to look into brass casting as a way to utilize old scrap metal in Malawi, by melting it down into forms to create 3d items from a material that would basically be trash."