M E E T  J O Y :

Name: Joy Chaula

Age: 47

Job title and description: On site cook and cleaner

How many people/members of your family do you support with your YEWO salary? 

"I have five children and a husband. I manage my families expenses. I send all five children to school and college, and support my mother every month with me YEWO wages."

What are you most well know for at work:

"My cooking! I make the tea and scones in the morning, and a big lunch in the afternoon for the entire YEWO team."

What is the best thing about working for YEWO? 

"We are all under one organization, we feel like a family. I am so happy to work at YEWO. Before working, things were not good and now everything is good. I have been helped when I had a big health problem at the hospital. I like how they take care of all of the staff at work by giving them meals and hospital funds."

Has the fact that you get a monthly salary changed your life in anyway? 

"Now I can always pay my children's school fees without worrying."

Do people in your community look up to you? 

"People are happy for me, sometimes they are jealous. They also want to work for YEWO."

Are your colleagues at YEWO important to you?

"Yes they are so important to me. We all depend on each other, I play one part and the others are playing another part, so we are all very important. There is good relationships at work. They are my friends and we act as a family."