M E E T  E L U B Y :

Name: Eluby Makalamo

Age: 28

Job title and description: Production artist, quality control, and packaging.

How many people/members of your family do you support with your YEWO salary? 

"I have a husband and a five year child. I also support my two brothers, my mother, and my husband's mother."

What is the best thing about working for YEWO? 

"The relationship with my colleagues and the skills I am learning. I have also improved the living conditions for my child, myself, my family, and finishing my house."

Are you using the Savings program? 

"Yes, I have plans to finish my house, save up for my child's future school fees, and buy furniture for my house."

What are you most well know for at work:

"Part of my job is doing the quality control and packaging. I am learning more metal smithing. I am known because I like to play football."

Do people in your community look up to you? 

"A lot of other women get inspired by the fact that I make my own income. It is good"

Are your colleagues at YEWO important to you?

"Yes they are important to me because they show me how everything is done and assists me if I need it. They are also very friendly!"