M E E T  A A R O N :

Name: Aaron Mvukenge

Age: 27

Job title: Production Artist 

How many people/members of your family do you support with your YEWO salary? 

"I have a wife and a 3 year old child. I also support my younger brother. When my son is old enough, I will be able to send him to school."

What are you saving up for?

"My wife wants to start a business and a shop, I want to help her with this. We are also saving up to buy iron sheets."

What is the best thing about working for YEWO? 

"I learn a lot and get a lot of new skills. I am also a carpenter, so I am used to working with my hands. But I enjoy learning about metal and jewelry making. I am also able to save up my salary to help me and my family grow. I enjoy chatting with friends at work."

Do you feel like a role model in your community?

"I think people have changed how they look at me. I try to be a good person. It's important to have a good behavior, such as being kind, responsible, friendly and to be open with people."